Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First looks

I'm going to begin by describing some of the basic reasoning for the existence of the station and describe some station functionality. A lot of this kind of information won't directly affect game play. What I hope to do with background information such as this is frame the setting in such a way to make it seem more real.

There and back again

Mars Station is intended to be a permanent research station with the end goal of terraforming Mars to be habitable by humans. The station is supported by a geostationary space station in orbit of Mars. Small shuttle craft are able to ferry personnel from the surface to the station and are rarely used because of the large energy expense. However, all people and material going from the station to the surface travel in drop pods. The pods descend with parachutes to slow most of the velocity with the final touchdown made softer by air jets. The pods are designed in a such a way that they can be deconstructed to use in other parts of the station. Waste is minimized as much as possible. Any thing that cannot be used on the station and determined precious is sent back to the orbiting station on the next crew rotation.

Open the pod bay doors

Station concept 3D render
The station itself was designed as modular as possible. Each section can be replaced or upgraded without disturbing the other modules. Each module, however, is dependent on power and air from engineering. A central computer cluster in engineering also controls all functions of each unit. From engineering an authorized person can adjust lighting, open doors, toggle air flow, and control any location specific equipment. These function can be overridden locally by skilled technicians in extreme circumstances.

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