Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The People

In the first post I talked about how I wanted this game to be non-combat focused and multi-cultural. This has a direct impact on the miniatures I will be using. Turns out that finding figures that match these requirements was very difficult. I had to scour through hundreds of miniature sources. I got many really good figures and had to do modifications to figures that were close. I have ended up with about 30 usable characters. I think fewer than that will actually end up being in the game due to how they will fit into the plot and game play.

As of now, each player will have control of one character. Characters will have a pre-defined set of skills that are not visible to the players. Character background descriptions will contain hints as to how good they are in particular fields. There will be straight forward challenges that use obvious skills. Such as injuries that need a doctor or computer issues that need a technician. But what about more complex issues that may have multiple solutions? Like a room full of a toxic gas. Do you grab your chemist or HVAC specialist?

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